How to Wear Pencil Skirt Casually

How to Wear Pencil Skirt Casually

Pencil skirts have become a prominent option for any occasion now. The versatility of skirts cannot be ignored. You can create one of the effortless looks with the help of a Pencil skirt. There are a number of looks you can create with the association of pencil skirts. Right from casual shirts to embroidered blouses, these skirts will do the job for you. You can wear many attire above a decent pencil skirt. One of the most prominent conditions is that the complementary attire should blend with the skirt.

Women often make mistakes by wearing some mismatched blouses or tees above pencil skirts. You need to understand that the pencil skirts do not complement mismatched attires above it. A pencil skirt is one of the oldest trends which are still quite popular. Right from the beginning, you will see that a pencil skirt has been evolving. Historical evidence states that in 1908, the first pencil skirt was worn by a flight attendant.

Later, this trend was blown out by models and actors. From then, there is no looking back in this field. You can wear a pencil skirt in whatever way you want. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the best possible ways to wear a pencil skirt.

Casual ways to wear a pencil skirt

There are many possible ways you can try with a pencil skirt. You need to do a little research regarding some sweet spots of this look. Right from the start, a pencil skirt is a boon for a bulky body. But with the help of a few other attires or additional jewelry, you can still pull off that look with great ease. Now, you have to take care of two essential things. First is that never try to add some extra glamour to your look.

It’s evident that you are wearing a pencil skirt to look attractive, but this may make you look stupid. You are supposed to stick to the basics of the look and try to innovate in the limit. Here are some significant looks you should try by wearing a pencil skirt casually.

● Suitable outfits

You need to pull off this look with ease. For this, you must take care of your other attires. There is no ideal attire with this skirt. This is because there have been multiple evolutions. But still, you must wear something tight-fitting with a pencil skirt. This style has been making statements for decades now.

As it is mentioned above, evolutions took place, but the basics remained the same. A skin fitting t-shirt or blouse can help you to slay this look. You can also add some additional accessories for glamour. We suggest you wear a necklace and even studs if possible. This will complete the look and help you to pull off this excellently. Moving onto the next suggestion.

● Decent vintage crop top with a pencil skirt

Due to the pencil skirt’s origin, people still think that this skirt is all about vintage looks. But again, you can wear this skirt to your new attires. Talking about this one, well, it is a banger. You have to do nothing but select an orthodox crop t-shirt or blouse. Blend that one with any denim pencil skirt you want to. Also, you can add a belt to your look. Your belt should enhance your style by its presence.

Now, your look is almost perfect. But there is something incomplete here. A jacket will complete this look. Wear a casual denim jacket identical to your pencil skirt. But why is this jacket required? Well, in the late ’90s, jackets were a hot topic. That trend can also be adapted to this combination. Last but not least, a black goggle should be the plus point. Wear it as you own it. Put the glasses on, walk like a queen, and make your dressing look effortless. Also, you can purchase from a wide range of pencil skirt Singapore from Yishion.

● Floral skirt

As it is mentioned earlier, there are many types of pencil skirts you can wear. Florals are something fresh and new. There is no issue in adding extra flowers to your look. It will give it a classy, elegant look. There are not some rigid rules which you have to follow with this look. But, there are few things to need to keep in mind. For a casual look, first, select a decent handbag. Handbags are forever in trend and give an urban finish to your look. Well, colors will play a massive role in making these attire look casual.

For now, light colors are in fashion. Therefore, fresh, bright flower colors should do the work for your look. You can also try dark colors, but there are some significant things you have to be cautious. It would be best if you matched your pencil skirt with lace tops. If not lace tops, then you can try noodle strap tops or blouses. Wear a goggle to make your style look effortless and classy. Therefore, this look is also one of the casuals you need to try.

● Sequin pencil skirt

You would have seen sequin pencil skirts worn by models. Even the Kardashians slay this look. This might sound quite hectic to wear or carry, but it is not valid. It is quite easy to carry this one. Your sequin pencil skirt is the simplest attire. You do not have to add anything to it. Now, the major mistake made by women is that they feel nervous due to printed heavy skirts. Due to this, they choose a standard blouse with it.

But no, the look of this skirt can become a plus point with a complementary attire only. Do not forget about footwear. The ideal shoe is a pencil heel. If you do not want to carry such a load, then a typical heel can also stand up for you. Therefore, a sequin pencil skirt should be in your wardrobe for casual wear. Talking about clothes, Yishion fashion is ideal for a wide range of blouses and other attires.