Here are the 6 Hidden Gems In Malaysia That Are Worth The Drive

Here are the 6 Hidden Gems In Malaysia That Are Worth The Drive

When you stay in a town, you may feel that leaving the comfort of your home and hitting the road may be quite draining to your soul.However, most times, taking a road trip actually what you require to get away with the hassles of your everyday life.Fortunately, many secret and off-road that you can safely choose to drive to when you need to get a serene environment far from your home.

You may travel with friends or relatives. But before you hit that road with either your car or you’ve got it, you need to ensure that you have a valid car insurance as they provide great coverage. Even though most car rental comes with car insurance but it might not be enough as it does not covered all the passenger.

We have come up with a list of 6 beautiful hidden Malaysian destinations that are worth your drive after you’ve ensured your car has a Valid Car Insurance.

Here’s the list of the 6 Malaysian hidden jewels worth a drive:

1. Taiping, Perak

Taiping’s, Perak first impressions may appear like a dull city, but, there is more to it than just any other old mining town.At the back of this presumably old mining town lies several historical sites and beautiful attractions.

If you are a history pundit you should consider visiting the Taiping Museum as your priority.Interestingly the Taiping’s Museum is Malaysia’s oldest Museum and was constructed in 1883.If you like getting close to the beauty of nature and wildlife, then look no further.Pay a visit to the Zoo at Taiping.It is the largest Zoos in Malaysia and houses more than 180 different species of animals.

Be sure to look out for Monkeys and the hard to find Malaysian’s bear.Fancy a Night Safari?Then you are at the right place since Taiping Museum closes at 11 p.m..It is advisable that if you have a night phobia to use a van which takes people around the zoo at night.You can also make use of the torch lights provided.

2. Sasaran, Selangor

Also known as the Sky Mirror, is endowed with shallow beaches which create magnificent sky reflections thus creating an excellent site for photography for the tourists.Unfortunately, this city hasn’t received much publicity it deserves.Surprisingly, contrary to many views Sasaran doesn’t contain a lot of salt but has an abundance of sea water and sand.

The primary cause of the reflection is low tide; however, sometimes the tides may rise high causing flooding in the entire area.It is advisable to check on the season before you settle on going to Sasaran, Selangor.You can just imagine the memories you’ll have engaging in an imaginary battle with a friend or a relative.You wouldn’t like to miss such an adventure any other time.Its location is off the coast and is therefore accessible using a boat ride from Jeram Village.

3. Sekinchan, Selangor

It is a small town which is endowed with extensive paddy fields.Alongside the majestic green paddy fields, you can spot several houses within the paddy fields.Should you feel that you need to be more adventurous, you could try fishing eel.The idea eel fishing time is during harvesting times .The eel fish is trapped in a net, and all you’ll need is a bait and a fishing line.

While at Sekinchan you should also consider staying overnight so that you can glimpse the paranoic mysterious milky way.It is a fantastic experience you might not get in any other city.

4. Janda Baik, Pahang

Janda Baik is a remote town, but not as many people would probably think.It is still considered as a secretive Gem.If you drive from Kuala, you’ll realize that this village endowed with a beautiful green landscape, exclusive hotels, and resorts and hidden waterfalls.

The most common outdoor activities in Janda Baik, Pahang are ATV rides and hunting in waterfalls.ATV rides are quite adventurous and challenging at the same time as you’ve to follow the winding and sloppy waterfall routes for your outdoor activities.

You shouldn’t worry as you can always ask to be trained by ATV ride experts before you start any activity.ATV rides ends at Leta Tampit waterfalls you’ll usually enjoy swimming.After all your Day’s physical outdoor activities consider treating yourself with a tasty meal and drinks from the nearby resorts.

5. Jugra, Selangor

Jugra was at one time the royal capital in Selangor.Nowadays, it prides itself on being an ideal place for overseeing sunset at the River Jugra.Also available is a small human-made pool where you can fish, but you’ve to come with your fishing line.Besides being a beautiful ideal place where you can take Instagram photos, there are other outdoor activities you could enjoy such as hiking uphill where you’ll probably get a glimpse of the Whitehouse and the Jugra signages.Try climbing up the hill where you’ll get a view of the sceneries around while at the same time admiring the skies.If you have a phobia for high hights, don’t even think of trying.

6. Berkelah Falls, Pahang

Do you enjoy camping and spending all your day in waterfalls?If your answer is yes, then Berkelah Falls is the place you should be.You can quickly get to Berkelah Falls from Kuala Lumpur.It’s only 2-hour drive away.Having a four-wheel drive vehicle for off-road adventures to access the bottom of Berkelah Fall through the jungle makes the experiences more exciting.

Getting to waterfalls, you require some hiking. Hence you should have a bottle of water and some snacks.You’ll spend approximately 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.You’ll be marveled by a beautiful aqua blue lagoon from the seven tiers. Sometimes the ground can get slippery, it would, therefore, be wise to wear rough slip-resistant boots to avoid injuring your limp during your hiking.

Probably, there are more hidden gems we’ve not mentioned, but we trust these destinations will motivate you to discover more secluded destinations you could visit in Malaysia.Take your time and drive to these worth secluded destinations in Malaysia and probably you’ll have an adventure never to forget.

But, before you do that make sure you’ve got valid car insurance for your car and if you’ve rented one from car rental service, ensure you book a car insurance for the days that you’ll be using that car.